[GUIDE] Installing Skyrim Online

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If you need some assistance in in installing, post in the Support Forum.
(Updated December 25 - 2014 by MeGaMaN.)
Step 0
Buy Skyrim on Steam (Rated MA - 17+) if you don't already own it, then install it.
Steam is recommended, but not required.

Step 1
Download the latest version of the mod. The thread will be labeled "CURRENT" in the Downloads & Updates forum.
Note: Currently the only way to get SO is through this download:
If a full version is released, it will be avaible @ Downloads & Updates forum.

Step 2
Make sure you have WinRAR or another program that can open a RAR archive

Step 3
Extract the contents of the archive to your
C:\Program Files(x86)\steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim
folder, where [username] is your steam username. Unless you installed steam somewhere else, in which case you'll need to locate the folder which you installed Skyrim to.

Step 4
Install SKSE by downloading the installer here:
Simply run it from your desktop and follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 5
Install ScriptDragon by downloading and extracting the contents of the bin folder inside the archive from this location: into your root Skyrim folder.

Step 6
Make sure you've installed this:
Select and download the x86 version, and then run it.

Step 7
Run Skyrim via SKSE_loader.exe, which you installed in step 4. This should be available as a shortcut on your desktop, or as a file inside your Skyrim folder.

Step 8
Select a server, press "Multiplayer" and load up a save! To chat with other players, press left CTRL and type away.

Note: NET 4.5 no longer needed.
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This Guide, Will Guide US! XD

I Like Skyrim Much.

But I Like Videos More.
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Thanks for adding "Step 0" because people are soooooooooo u know why

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I'm surprized this wasen't up months ago. Haha... then again, I only joined last week or so o3o
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Can i play Skyrim Online with not steam?
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Updated FAQ to answer your question. Yes, steam is absolutely required.
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Up for taGGer's post Normal Smile I have not download skyrim by steam, can I play on skyrim online or not ?
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And if i got a cracked skyrim, how can i play this mod? Or i can't? Its for other people, i got this game on steam.
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@nikoo You can't. Skyrim should be dirt cheap if you can wait until christmas though.

@vickodu84 If you don't have it on steam, you have it illegally. Unless you're referring to a console version.
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Nikoo, you obviously pirated the game, since you said "cracked". We do not support pirated Skyrim, you're on your own.